Imagine this: You are developing a strategy against cancer that will trigger the body's early detection of tumors, or studying surfaces using scanning tunneling microscopy, or learning about the behavior of semiconductors, or designing a computer program to simulate neurotransmitter release, or...

At the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute (ISSI) you can work on projects such as these alongside professionals, getting hands-on experience in one of today's cutting-edge fields of research. Since 1969, every summer, about 70 highly talented, recent high-school graduates from around the world participate in this month-long program. The program is conducted entirely in English and involves intensive lab work, lectures, tours and social activities.

Choose the lab that interests you most from the fields of biochemistry, biology, chemistry, mathematical and computer sciences, and physics. You will be working in labs with sophisticated equipment and veteran researchers who have chosen an exciting career in scientific research. Senior Weizmann Institute scientists will give you lectures in topics such as robotics, gene therapy and brain research. The students themselves are also encouraged to lead seminars on subjects of their choosing. After  the lab work is over, the students will give written and oral presentations on their work.

But there is much more than work in the laboratories. After three weeks at the Institute, the group moves to a field school near the Dead Sea where you can study Israel's unique ecosystem and wildlife up close, and hike through its millennia of history and archeology. The International Summer Science Institute offers evening activities and tours of Israel and you will have free access to the Clore Garden of Science as well as to the Weizmann Institute's recreation area. What a great opportunity to experience Israel, participate in on-going scientific research and meet an amazing variety of people!

Last update: 2022-12-02, 21:44