wide expanses

22 kilometres south of Tel Aviv and 42 kilometres east of Jerusalem, lies Rehovot, the site of the Weizmann Institute. Rehovot was established in 1890 and its name is based on a quote from the Bible meaning “wide expanses“. Rehovot has been the twin city of Heidelberg since 1983.

Nowadays, Rehovot is a small town with about 110,000 inhibitants. As shown on its coat of arms, it is famous for its agriculture, especially of oranges. Furthermore, Rehovot is a place of research; a microscope and a book are also pictured on the emblem. Besides the Weizmann Institute, there are also two branches of the Jerusalem University: the agricultural and medical faculty.

We experienced Rehovot as a lively town coexisting in an agreeable symbiosis with the institute.

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