Social Program

The scientific activities turn the International Summer Science Institute into an attractive, thrilling experience which surely is very advantegeous for one's professional and academic progression. The ISSI is an extremely strenuous and intellectually demanding summer camp. However, it is the well-organized diverse social program, the time you pass within the community that make ISSI an emotional, unforgettable adventure. It is the discussions while having dinner, it is the secret sleepover on a bungalow's rooftop, it is the excited dancing in a Druze house and the wandering through the desert, these memories are going to accompany us for our lifetimes.

An overview: On the first weekend the participants drive to Jerusalem. During the second weekend the trip goes to Nothern Israel where the Roman city of Caesarea lies as well as a Druze town. The third weekend is reserved for relaxing in Eilat, Red Sea, after the stressfull project finalization. In the last week the Youth Village is left for hiking in the area of the Dead Sea near Kibbuz Ein Gedi. After this one returns to the Weizmann Institute to celebrate the end of the International Summer Science Institute.

Last update: 2022-12-02, 21:44